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I once owned a hard drive where I stored only one copy of some very important files - you know the hdd where you first learned a very important lesson. I didn’t lose everything but I lost at least 500 gigabytes of data that was not duplicated anywhere else. This was about 7 years ago in 2011 and I had gone back to college that the previous year to finish up my degree.

It was a Western Digital 1TB Caviar Green SATA WD10EADS that was turned into an NAS. I did not realize at the time that not all drives were made for Network Attached Storage. It was a desktop hdd and it was placed inside an enclosure made to be attached to a router. Much to my dismay, the drive failed only after about 3 months of being on my network. I tried everything and was sure that the drive was toast so I did what many will usually do in that situation, I set it aside with the hope of someday being able to restore it.

About a week ago an old friend and client/colleague from San Francisco needed to locate some photos and that hard drive was possibly the only place the master files for his website had been stored. After receiving word that my friend wouldn’t mind financing a data recovery, I immediatedly started looking for a clean room / data recovery service. The place I found two weeks ago was called $300 Data Recovery.

I’m very pleased to report that $300 Data Recovery did a fantastic job at not only recovering data, but also recommending some good data backup services. They were able to pull the data off the scratched surface of the hard drive platters. They live up to their name even though I was supposedly going to be charged extra for proprietary Western Digital encryption commonly used on that particular model HDD. I am guessing that the decryption was unneccesary because I was never charged that $100 premium. In fact, the final bill was still under $400.

  • $300 - data recovery
  • $75 - replacement drive
  • $15 - shipping
  • total : $390.