Dennis M Dewey

Dennis M DeweyI originally went to college in 1998 but left for awhile and moved to San Francisco for a couple of years. I returned to Oklahoma in 2004 and worked in the private sector for 4 years as a graphics editor and SGML coder for the distillation/creation of illustrated instructional/repair manuals.

I’m a full stack software engineer by trade and a visual artist at my leisure although I have sold artwork/illustration/motion graphics as an alternative source of income. My favorite part of software has always been making the UI/UX the most pleasant experience for the user. I originally got into web development in 1999 and like to draw and paint in my free time whenever I’m inspired. I've also worked in a dark room and have been a analog/digital SLR camera enthusiast over the years. When doing art, I occasionally use traditional media - oil being my favorite medium - but usually start out sketching on my iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. It is very similar to the Wacom Cintiq I never had (but always planned on buying).

Website building (full-stack) has been my primary job since 2012 despite having dabbled in html/css since the late '90s. Content management systems were a good start working in databases and Movable Type was a favorite for many years until its momentum/development stalled. I began searching for a new CMS of choice for awhile before finally landing on Drupal 6/7. Since that time I've branched out to Javascript frameworks (Jquery, React, Vue, Angular), build/test systems and NodeJS express, SailsJS, and ElectronJS. I've built desktop applications that automatically update using a custom update server. In 2018 I started writing business applications in the familiar C# on the .NET framework with MSSQL database backends using Active Directory as the domain controller.

Coming from the background of a fine artist and having a career in computer science for the past two decades has provided me a unique perspective using both hemispheres of the brain to solve problems in a creative way but still having both feet firmly planted on the ground. My knowledge in computer programming has accelerated at a breakneck pace in the past several years due to an insatiable hunger to learn and a passion for building things both analog and digital.